Iran Decides Against Stoning Woman To Death

Posted on July 8, 2010


In a move which will surely lead to shameful, wanton acts of debauchery from women all across the Country, Iran has decided not to end the life of a cheating wife.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was convicted over four years ago despite the lack of any conclusive evidence via a loophole  in Iranian law. “Judges’ Knowledge” allows Judges to find defendants guilty when no conclusive evidence exists, making it that much easier to punish not just the “guilty” but all women.

Sakineh, who may or may not have had an affair has seemingly escaped the law due to international pressure. The Iranian authorities seemed to feel that burying a woman up to her neck and hurling stones at her until she dies might be considered by some as somewhat callous.

Naturally Iran knows it is the honourable, good thing to stone women to death but rather than openly admit this or try to convince silly non-Iranians it has appeased international squeamishness by letting Sakineh off very lightly.

It is unclear if the death penalty has been rescinded or if she will be executed in a manner less likely to provoke publicity. The fate of twelve other women condemned to stoning is also unclear making fears over Iran losing control of it’s women probably premature.

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