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Gulf Coast Oil Disaster Caused By Environmentalists

August 27, 2010


According to 10% of Americans those individuals most concerned with protecting the environment pumped 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the ocean. The basis for this conclusion is the following: No evidence whatsoever! The conclusion also lacks a plausible motive or any explanation as to how the outcome was achieved. So far we have “evidence” […]

Wrong Gender, Wrong Country

August 24, 2010


Becoming a mother, assuming you’re married,  is the one thing a woman can do without deserving criticism. Unless, of course, you’re Mexican. As immigration numbers decline and crime in Southern States drops the threat of hispanic immigrants being perceived as human begins to grow. Thankfully, America is still overun with old white Republicans capable of keeping […]

Iran Decides Against Stoning Woman To Death

July 8, 2010


In a move which will surely lead to shameful, wanton acts of debauchery from women all across the Country, Iran has decided not to end the life of a cheating wife. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was convicted over four years ago despite the lack of any conclusive evidence via a loophole  in Iranian law. “Judges’ Knowledge” […]

How To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams? Kidnap Her.

April 23, 2010


A third of all marriages in Kyrgyzstan are kidnaps. Some brides are kidnapped by men they know, others are kidnapped by total strangers. Most remain with their kidnapper as his new wife for the rest of their lives. Why would a woman allow herself to be married to a man who has forcibly stolen her? A […]

Naked Women to Blame for Earthquakes

April 22, 2010


I get sick of guys claiming they can make the Earth move for me so it’s really quite refreshing to hear a guy giving credit to the girls for a change. “Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes,”. Hojatoleslam […]

The Vatican’s Secretary of State: “there is a relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia”

April 21, 2010


It seems likely the Pope will soon be introducing those wheely things with the straps and mouth cover from the film  “Silence of the Lambs”, as official Vatican wear for all his Priests. Realistically this appears the only way to prevent senior members of the Vatican from shooting themselves in the foot, face and every […]